Andrew James Stand Mixer Review

Kitchen Must-Have: the Andrew James Food Mixer

To quote the movie Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility,” the Andrew James Food Mixer certainly owes up to those words. With its 1500-watt motor and a special robust gear mechanism, including a 5.2 litre stainless steel dish, the mixer boasts of such exceptional features which make it the ideal food mixer appliance for your kitchen.

It has six power levels and a pulse level so you can have varied choices of control to suit what you want. It also has a splash guard along with three different attachments – the dough hook, the beater blade, and the stainless steel whisk to further give you the mixer experience you need.

The Andrew James Food Mixer also comes with a free 128-page recipe book. It is relatively easy to operate and clean because of its solidly built features and an overall attractive appearance. Your kitchen will look good with this machine gracing the shelf and not just the cabinet.

The stainless steel mixing bowl is dishwasher safe, and the entire package comes with a 12 month warranty. Andrew James Food Mixer with Splash Guard, and 5.5 Litre Bowl and Cookbook are priced just right, and its solid construction will last a lifetime under normal use conditions.

Save Money with Andrew James food mixer

Some of the best food mixers cost a fortune and not a lot of people are willing to spend so much money on one kitchen appliance. Fortunately, the Andrew James food mixer that accomplishes the same thing for a relatively low price.

The brand has been known for its solid construction and essential features. In fact, the food mixer has the capability to operate at a maximum of 1500 watts. It is ideal for both occasional and frequent cooking.

The design is stylish and compact which allows easy storage in the kitchen. It may be inexpensive but it does not mean that you will get average results. The Andrew James stand mixer has lived up to its name and reputation. It has six different power levels that you can use for specific ingredients and recipes. You can also enjoy greater flexibility in your cooking because of the three available attachments including the dough hook, beater blade and stainless steel whisk.

Let’s Look at Features of the Andrew James Mixer

  • High Quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel – Huge 5.5 litre Stainless steel dish – Complete with splash guard
  • Extra Powerful motor: max 1500 watts
  • FREE Food Mixer Cookbook RRP £5.99
  • 6 power levels + pulse level
  • Special aluminum kneading hook for yeast and bread dough
  • 3 attachments included , Dough, Beater & Stainless Steel Whisk


Andrew James Food Mixers Reviews

What People are Saying about the Andrew James Mixer

For a relatively low price, the Andrew James Food Stand Mixer gives excellent results, as testified by satisfied customers who have bought and used the product. They loved the extra power provided by the 1500 wattage motor as well as the six power levels, not to mention a pulse level, which makes the food mixer perform exceptionally.

Customers had the freedom to choose one of the three available attachments: the dough hook, the beater blade, and the stainless steel whisk.
Andrew James Food Mixer

It also comes with a nifty 128-page recipe book to complete the experience. Some customers wish that the box includes an extra mixing bowl—the 5.2 litre stainless steel dish (Grade 304) is perfect for any kind of mixes, and it is dishwasher safe.

The device is easy to operate and clean, that’s why most people grew to love the Andrew James food mixer especially after finding out what great value their money has bought.

Positive Remarks

Even at its more than competitive price, the Andrew James food mixer with Splash Guard and 5.5 Litre Bowl and Cookbook does everything the big guys do, and then some. The solid construction and well proportioned design, make it a stable appliance that does not rock and roll, even at the highest speed.

It is versatile enough to handle a small and light batter and with enough muscle to handle the heaviest batter or dough balls effortlessly. The instruction booklet is easy to follow, but with the ease and simplicity of operation, the booklet is almost not necessary. The splash guard is a handy dandy feature that keeps the batter in the bowl and not decorating the kitchen walls and ceiling.

Some Disappointments

A negative feature of the Andrew James food mixer is the noise level emanating from the machine. With its powerful motor, the noise it is almost expected but customers wonder if a damper can be put on the motor to make it quieter than it is now.

The set of beaters that come with the mixer is wider than the standard electric mixer beater making it difficult to add ingredients without stopping the mixer. For the money, the Andrew James mixer is a kitchen appliance that lives up to its name and reputation. Solid construction adds to its life but it will stand up to the punishment an active kitchen and cook can give it.

This food stand mixer will stand up to the big guns on all levels and provide the user with a machine that does it all. Its unique design is one that will find its way to a shelf rather than stored away in the cabinet.

Check out more customer reviews about this Andrew James food mixer at Amazon here.

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3 Comments at "Andrew James Stand Mixer Review"

I K Jefferies June 19th, 2012 (#)

Unfortunately, the instruction pamphlet was separated from the storage of my A James mixer when the house was being decorated, and I am now bereft. Does anyone know how I can replace the instructions, or whether sufficient instructions are contained in the new A J cookbook, & if so, where I can buy a copy?

admin June 19th, 2012 (#)
petros January 6th, 2014 (#)

good sturdy product bought to replace my old kenwood good value with the extras of pasta maker + mincer especially like that the splash guard locks in place so does not fall + brake if the mixer is in use good ratio of speed for slow or fast mixing would highly reccommend

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