Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 Food Mixer

Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 Review

The option to buy all our necessary kitchen appliances at once through one versatile and helpful machine is one that many families and keen bakers will opt for, and why the Kenwood Chef Major KMM020 Kitchen Machine is so appealing.

There is a lot on offer with this appliance – with over twenty attachments available to add to its capabilities – and it aims to be even more advantageous by using a serious of power outlets with speed controls and an efficient planetary mixing action. According to its manufacturers, this kitchen machine is “designed for the discerning kitchen connoisseur” but what to real buyers have to say?

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Bosch Styline Food Mixer

Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine Review

The Bosch 3.9 Litre 700 Watt Styline Kitchen Machine may not sound like the most powerful kitchen aid in the world with its 700W motor, but its designers promise a great result and a range of delicious produce thanks to features like its ‘Multi-motion-drive’, 3L stainless steel bowl, electronic speed control and range of attachments.

These attachments include the dough hook, beater, whisk, continuous shredder and blender and they even come with a storage bag to keep them all together. Bosch claim this machine is perfect for those looking for an all in one appliance but do buyers share their enthusiasm?

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Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Scrape Mixer Pro

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Scrape Mixer Pro

From the basic specification alone, the awkwardly named Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Scrape Mixer is a fairly simple machine. It uses a planetary mixing action, variable speed controls and a 1000W motor to create cake mixtures in its attractive, stainless steel bowl and has an additional dough hook, whisk, beater and scraper to extend its capabilities.

What makes the machine more attractive to buyers is the celebrity on the box: the Blumenthal name has a lot of power and practically screams creativity and innovation, so does the product match up to these preconceptions?

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Kenwood KM353 Chef Kitchen Machine

Kenwood KM353 Chef Kitchen Machine Review

The Kenwood brand is one that many home bakers automatically trust and this means that a model called the “Classic” Kenwood KM353 Chef Kitchen Machine will be particularly appealing. This food mixer uses a 1.5 litre blender, 4.6 litre bowl, 800W motor, planetary action and a range of attachments to become a highly versatile machine with the ability to create a range of meals and treats.

The product description talks about this being a “class act” which is said to help buyers “become more adventurous with their cooking” but are they really that impressed with what they receive?

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Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine

Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine Review

With its multiple functions and seemingly capable mechanics, the Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine looks like a product than can do a lot more than your average food processor.

Highlights in the specification for this stylish looking machine are the planetary mixing action, motor overload protection, variable speed controls, a large range of extras – including the 1.25 litre blender, whisk, dough hook, beater and pasta maker – and a manual that even comes with a few recipes. This 18533 model looks like a kitchen aid that can do it all, but it this really the case?

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Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570 Kitchen Machine

Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570 Kitchen Machine Review

Kenwood is one of the biggest names in kitchen appliances and there are high expectations with a name like ‘chef premier’, but this Kenwood Chef Premier KMC 570 Kitchen Machine certainly aims to please.

This food mixer has high and low speed outlets, a 4.6 litre bowl with splash guard and comes with a balloon whisk, dough hook, creaming beater, spatula and a range of instructional materials like the DVD and recipe book.

This Kenwood mixer is an ‘as seen on TV’ product with a difference because keen-eyed viewers have seen this model in the kitchens of top cooking shows. This unconventional endorsement suggests that it really is a reliable and professional product but what do people think once it is in their own kitchen?

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Tefal Kitchen Machine

Tefal Kitchen Machine Review

The phrase “innovative planetary movement” may not really mean anything to many home cooks but it is a phrase that should make people take a second look at the Tefal Kitchen Machine because it makes it sound so powerful and capable.

While this machine is essentially a mixer, it is known by the more vague name of the Tefal Kitchen Machine, probably in an attempt to showcase the multifunctionality and features on offer. There is a selection of attachments in the box, most of which do more than just mix, a stainless steel bowl with a large capacity of 4L, a retractable cord, handles for greater portability and a recipe book.

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Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2 Food Mixer With Meat Grinder And 1.5 Litre Blender Attachments

Andrew James Multifunctional Food Mixer Review

The Andrew James Multifunctional Food Mixer is a machine that certain consumers will certainly gravitate towards if they have a fondness for the colour red and are looking to expand a theme within their kitchen.

However, there are also plenty of features and potential benefits with this model that will have people looking past the exterior and towards the mechanics and accessories.

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Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor

Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Mixer Review

The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Mixer/Processor is undoubtedly one of the more eye-catching food mixers out there with its user-friendly style and bright colour; however, Bosch claim that it can go even further than simply looking good because of its range of functions and great performance.

This 600W Bosch food mixer uses a “multi-motion drive’ and an impressive array of accessories – including a dough hook, fruit pulper and shredder – to make this processor an all-in-one machine for adventurous cooks and home bakers alike. This is a lot to ask from one little mixer so is it up to the job?

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Charles Jacobs Kitchen Powerful 3 in 1 FOOD STAND MIXER

Charles Jacobs Food Mixer Review

A multifunctional food mixer can be a blessing to any busy parent or experimental cook and the Charles Jacobs Food Mixer, on first impressions at least, appears to be as multifunctional as they come. The pictures of this product certainly catch the eye and clearly show off the numerous attachments and attractive black and chrome design.

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